Edible Science Experiments: How smart is your tongue?

Edible Science is a new series that we started this year and will (try) to do once a week.  The girls missed doing science so we thought we would try to do more this year on the road.  Edible science makes science fun, yummy and entertaining. I have included the books we are getting our experiments from at the bottom, so follow along.  I also wanted to note that I try my best to follow Continue reading

Unschooling Paradise Offers Resources for Parents Interested in Home Schooling

Unschooling Paradise has just announced that they are offering resources that assist with parents that are interested in learning the unschooling methods.  Unschooling is a home schooling technique that puts educational control into the hands of both parents and their children.  By allowing kids to select their own course material, and to learn everywhere, not just in school; children become well rounded and well adjusted in any environment.  This is an innovative technique that helps Continue reading

Summer Day 21 Make Farmer’s Cheese

farmers cheese

Have you ever wanted to make farmer’s cheese homemade?  We made farmer’s cheese which is super easy to make and a lot of fun to watch the curds and whey separate.  The cheese doesn’t age well so you have to eat it in within a week.  Here is how we made it into a science experiment and made some really yummy tasting cheese. To do the science part first you need to print the scientific method sheet. Continue reading

The winner of the sand ant farm and gel ant farm experiment

 The Winner is:  Gel Ant Farm The gel ant farm vs sand ant farm experiment started a week ago but the true winner is the gel ant farm.  We almost feel sorry for the sand ant farm.  The gel ant farm has twice as much room, made a lot more tunnels and seem to be trying to eat the seal around the lid to get even more room. The gel ants are very aggressive but we have only lost one Continue reading