Myrtle Beach soccer tournament

Myrtle Beach here we come Myrtle Beach here we come…  Here come 18 little girls on the way to rock it in a soccer tournament.  We didn’t do as good as we all thought we would, planned to win the whole darn thing, but we had a blast anyway. The girls and I started off the weekend by attending our good friends school play.  The play was a music that the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade Continue reading

SC State Museum

This is the night that history came alive.  We were first chased by the Mayans, and they took our bags. We ran up the stairs to the second floor and the animals were playing soccer and McKenzey was almost trampled by the mammoth.  We barely escaped when we ducked into the elevator where some other homeschooler were hiding and came out on the fourth floor and the indians and civil war troops were fighting and Continue reading

Learn Geometry playing Mini Golf like a pirate

I love math day, and we learn Geometry playing Mini Golf and do math without even knowing it.  The girls have gotten so good that we make two to three holes in one every game. Math can be fun and entertaining. We are learning geometry and physics by figuring out what angle we should hit the ball, how hard we need to hit it and have a lot of fun all at the same time.  We also add up our Continue reading