How do kids make money in the summer, have loads of fun and continue learning?

Our family tries to get s summer job working at a private campground, KOA or state park every year. Being in one place for two to four months allows us to enjoy some of the summer camps from local boys and girls club, school, and the local community center. We asked locals around town, the librarian, and the director at the boys and girls club, Jeda, to help us find fun activities for the kids. Continue reading

Tucson Rodeo rip-roaring fun for the whole family

Tucson Rodeo

Cowboys hang on tight at the Tucson Rodeo for some rip-roaring fun for the whole family.  We had a blast whooping and hollering for the cowboys and cowgirls as they held on tight to bucking horses and bucking bulls. We watched kids lasso baby sheep, men lasso cows, and women make their way around barrels.  This rodeo is one of the biggest in the US and Canada and had world champions competing in all the Continue reading