Crazy planets experiments and more

We did three more experiments about the stars and crazy planets and this time we did them with a friend. The first experiment the girls held a CD, with the shiny side up, in front of a sunny window and tilted it to see a rainbow. This was to show that white light has all the colors of the rainbow. The second experiment the girls did was making a night vision flash light. The girls Continue reading

Rainbow Irish cupcakes

RAINBOW CUPCAKES This was a lot of fun to make with the kids – and super easy and great for St. Patrick’s day, which is our favorite holiday not because we are irish and Scottish but also because McKenzey birthday is a couple of days before St. Patrick Day. Ingredients White cake mix Food coloring (red, blue, green, and yellow) Baking cups frosting – any flavor or color sprinkles (just because its fun) Instructions Prepare Continue reading