How do Unschoolers learn about the Union Pacific Railroad

Have you ever wondered how Unschooling works? What is the difference between Unschooling and homeschooling?  It is pretty simple, Unschoolers don’t do tests, workbook sheets (unless we want), book reports, sit at a table for hours or use a curriculum.  Unschooling is about life learning or letting your child choose what they want to learn, finding the resources to help them learn a subject, and then encouraging them. Learn more here We love taking scenic Continue reading

Round House Train Station Savannah GA

I thought it would be fun on Sunday to go look at the Savannah Round House since they were having a bug exhibit at the Children museum right next door. They cancelled the bug exhibit because of the rain, so we just looked at all the old trains and around the round house instead. We started off by looking at two trains that used to carry passengers during the 1950’s and 1920’s, The Columbia, and Atlanta. The Continue reading

Unschool playdate at the Savannah Children Museum

We started at the Savannah Children Museum that is located near the Georgia State Railroad Museum.  All 5 girls played in the maze, sat and read a book or two, played dress up ( with animal tails and noses), got sprayed by a mister to cool off, ran around, swung on the tire swing all at once, went on the slide, looked at some trains, rolled down a huge hill, and just had fun being a Continue reading

Savannah Children Museum

What could be more fun than meeting a few friends at the NEW Savannah Children Museum.  There we six little girls total and man did they have fun.  Who says you can’t learn and play at the same time…. silly boring person.  The museum is located inside the Georgia State Railroad Museum, next to the Visitor’s Center.  It’s only $7.50 for the day or $75 for the family membership, and you get the children, railroad and History museum Continue reading