How to Set Up a Home Aquaponics Kit

Our interest in hydroponics and aquaponics started at Epcot. We went on the “Behind the seeds tour”, next to the Living with the Land Ride.  This is one of the lower cost behind-the-scenes tours. The price was around $20 per person and kids are a little less at $16 for ages 3-9.  We tried starting a hydroponics system a couple of years ago with a little success but failed when the kids lost interest. This time, Continue reading

Grow a Pumpkin Plant without a traditional pot – Scary Halloween Pumpkin Experiments

plant a pumpkin

Can you grow a pumpkin without a traditional pot?  In our second experiment, we wanted to see if we could grow a pumpkin from the pumpkin seed that are already inside a pumpkin when you open it up. Here is what you need to grow a Pumpkin Plant: Pumpkin – any size Potting soil Knife and saw Watering can Adult supervision – to cut open the pumpkin Child to help put in soil and help Continue reading

Summer Day 20 Hairy Potato Experiment

hairy potato head

The Potato hair experiment is a great way for the girls to watch and see how grass grows.  We actually did a side experiment and got two of every potato that Wal-Mart sales just to see if grass grows better or faster in one potato over the other.  I also thought it would be fun to have different size heads. Hairy Potato Experiment Potato grass seeds sharp knife cotton balls or paper towels water Styrofoam Continue reading

Last Zoo class Jacksonville

Today was our last day of zoo class.  The girls have really liked it and so have the moms.  The kids learned about the rainforest, how squirrels bury their seeds and forget about them, they learned how to tell the age of a tree, they planted seeds so we could watch them grow at home, they all got awards for doing such an amazing job in class, and the best part is they learned how Continue reading