Day 5 unschool

Day 5 Unschool , started by playing Zoodels for a while this morning, then Mac read Thumbelina by Hans Christian Anderson. Belle played the Barbie game, and Mac played a really cool solar system game on our iPad. We haven’t decided if we want to buy that one. The most fun we had been doing some more building on the kenz roller coaster – it’s coming along.  Mac did her 4th piano lesson – she is Continue reading

Unschool: How to handle a tough day

How do you handle a tough day of Unschooling? Every day is not going to be rainbows and butterflies. It is especially hard when you first start Unschooling. Mom or dad still have the idea that we need to do school no matter how upset the kids are. My suggestion when having a tough day is to take a break, read a book, get out of the house or even watch a movie. Sometimes when Continue reading