Co-op classes are for Unschooler’s also

This year the girls wanted to take co-op classes, research started in August. This year the girls wanted to be around kids their age. I started surfing Facebook to find some homeschool/co-op classes. We found ballroom dancing, a finance class, Wow ( learn from professionals), horseback riding, painting, silver clay class, The Unusual Dress Project, study driving test, and some field trips with varies homeschool groups. I give them options and always tell them that Continue reading

A Walk through history in Carbon County

One thing that is always fun when you are staying in a small city like Rawlins, WY is to take a walk through the history of Carbon County. Main Streets nationwide have started a program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation that focus on revitalizing the downtown areas through murals created by a local artist.  The great thing about the restoration projects is that they are FREE self-guided educational tours that focus on Design, Continue reading

Interview with Michael Burrell a Local Artist in Kentucky

It is always exciting to meet someone famous and especially exciting when you get to interview them.  We had the privilege of meeting a local artist, Michael Burrell, founder of Flying Armadillo Sign Company. He has done artwork or billboards for major companies such as Nike, Maker’s Mark, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Miller Lite, Rainbow Bread, Hanna Barbara, Piedmont Airlines, Pepsi, and Ale-8 Bottling Company, as well as many more. Here in Lexington, Kentucky Michael was asked Continue reading

Kids Free Fishing Tournament at Diamond Lake

What could be more fun than a free fishing tournament for kids?  No need for a fishing license for the whole weekend and the opportunity to win fishing gear.  We entered the free fishing tournament at Diamond Lake hoping to catch the largest trout in the river but we only caught seaweed and rocks instead.  The girls had fun anyway because they both won free fishing gear.  This means daddy now has a fishing rod Continue reading

Art Thursday – Radical Unschooling Day 4

Radical Unschooling has taught me a lot so far…but mostly that if I just sit back and let the kids do what they do best, be kids, they learn on their own, enjoy life and learn more than I could have ever taught them. What a fun art and craft day. We started off the day around 11am at our weekly art class at Scribble art studio. Today a couple new friends came to class Continue reading

Bug Painting Badges Girl Scout Badges

We had our second Girl scout meeting today with all five little girls.  This time we decided to work on the bug painting badges together.   I must say being a unschooler makes it very hard to get organized and be prepared before everyone shows up.   So right now the moms are winging it, and as long as the girls are together, I don’t think they have noticed that the moms have no idea Continue reading