10 Kids Friendly things to do in New Orleans

We love New Orleans and its art, culture, museum, historic sites, zoos, exotic people and amazing food.  We have been to this one of kind city several times in our last two years of traveling.  We love the people, sweets and southern food, the atmosphere and diversity that the city has to offer. When you think of New Orleans you think of Mardi Gras and all of the streets you don’t want your kid to visit like Continue reading

Unfortunate Circumstances; Our Dreams Have Been Put on Hold

Sometimes your life throws you punches and you have to take it, stand tall, and just deal with what comes. I know I just made an announcement that we were going to keep traveling and living on the road in our 300 square foot home on wheels. Unfortunately, our renters moved out  unexpectedly, and, without a money tree in the RV, we now we have a home that needs a lot of TLC. This doesn’t mean we Continue reading

Our visit to City Park in New Orleans

City Park in New Orleans

Our visit to City Park in New Orleans started with a drive around the park. On one end of the park is a elementary school,  in the middle a huge lake and several playground dispersed though out the park along with very huge oak trees. Our first stop was at StoryLand which is a kids dream land filled with animals, cartoon characters and fairy tale legends come to life at this charming theme park. Storyland’s Continue reading

French Quarter beignets are sweet and delicious

sweet beignets

French Quarter beignets are sweet and delicious and one thing you must eat if you ever visit New Orleans.  The  one thing the girls wanted to do while in Louisiana was make sure they had authentic beignets, like the ones Tiana made in the movie “The Princes and the Frog“. Homeschooling or road schooling has allowed us to visit many cities, learn history and the best part (in my opinion) try authentic food from each and Continue reading