Bird house – clear back observation

I am so excited about the new bird house we got, a bird house has a clear back. It attaches to the outside of the window and once a mama bird makes a nest and lays her eggs we can watch the babies from inside the house ( how cool is that). So far no mama bird have checked out our new bird house but I think it’s too early for nesting. I am thinking Continue reading

Skate Party

We had an amazing skate party today and what a turn out! We had 140 skaters from all over the Savannah area. I am really excited about the turn out and am planning a end of the year skating party in May. We are also planning on doing a day camp but more on that Monday-ish, I am exhausted from our long day. We started our day at Scribble Art studio at our weekly art Continue reading

4H bird beaks – like what utensil

They learned about birds….. What is a bird Drew a perfect bird Learned anatomy of a bird All about feathers, all the different types, and what they are used for They talked about what makes a bird different, like… Predictor, color, environment, beak, tail shape The big kids played a game…. The kids moved to each table,  they tried to get the food with the tool they started with,  some of the tools worked great Continue reading

Last Zoo class Jacksonville

Today was our last day of zoo class.  The girls have really liked it and so have the moms.  The kids learned about the rainforest, how squirrels bury their seeds and forget about them, they learned how to tell the age of a tree, they planted seeds so we could watch them grow at home, they all got awards for doing such an amazing job in class, and the best part is they learned how Continue reading

Relaxing day Jacksonville Zoo

This weekend we went to Jacksonville to see my cousin’s new baby boy, and visit his very cool older brother.  Then after everyone held the precious little boy we went to the Jacksonville Zoo to see some animals.  The girls showed Michael their classroom, and then gave him a tour of the zoo and told us all the neat stuff they had been learning in class.  

Drawing Love Bugs – art class

Art class was all about love bugs.  All the kids in art class started by drawing several love bugs and then they  picked their favorite one , and drew it really big, painted it and then added clothing or fun designs to their love bugs.  They really made some cute love bugs.  Mac still doesn’t want to do art so she worked on division on her Apple iPad 2 and hung out with all the Continue reading