Are you smarter than a Fifth Grade: money math game

Are you smarter than a Fifth Grader? We thought we would start today by playing a question and answer game. The girls wanted to earn some extra money so I thought I would add in a little money math game.  The best game to use is Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader but Brain Quest Board Game. The fun part is we added some of our own rules and made it into a game show. A note from Continue reading

How do you learn about the Star Spangled Banner and 4th July

How would you learn about the Star Spangled Banner and why we celebrate the 4th July? If you go to normal school you might read a book, write a book report, maybe do some worksheets. We watched a video from our local library about 4th July. Did you know that the 3rd verse is normally not sung because it is considered to dark. It didn’t become our national anthem untill 1931 almost 127 years after the war Continue reading

counting money

The girls started putting the clean dishes away and putting the dirty ones in the dishwasher… They earn extra money for doing extra chores..which was a huge help since i tore my accellis tendon..ouch!! We practiced counting money and making change today… Here is belle doing her best… Here is mac counting money….. this is her favorite subject…. This one is very funny…. And last, here is McKenzey very funny impression of Rudolph…

New Year Eve – Epcot – Disney World

Can you learn anything at Epcot on New Year’s Eve? Yes, you can learn a lot in Epcot. We watched people; we saw some very cool educational movies about the countries; we went on rides that talked about the country. There is an area about each part of the earth, the land, water, space.  Heck, you are bound to learn something and it’s a lot more fun that sitting in a class room! Here are Mac Continue reading

We Played hard on day two Unschooling

Played Hard on day two Unschooling So far, so good! The favorite thing the girls did on day two Unschooling is play with the Wii u game system and man they had fun. First, we played  World Racing 2, tennis, bowling, and the Disney princess search and find game. We made cookies for Santa.  Reading and measuring were discussed in detail. This time I had them work on fractions by only giving them a smaller measuring Continue reading

Unschool: How to handle a tough day

How do you handle a tough day of Unschooling? Every day is not going to be rainbows and butterflies. It is especially hard when you first start Unschooling. Mom or dad still have the idea that we need to do school no matter how upset the kids are. My suggestion when having a tough day is to take a break, read a book, get out of the house or even watch a movie. Sometimes when Continue reading