12 Zany Roadschool activities in Montgomery Alabama on a Budget

We travel fulltime in a 300 square foot home on wheel (an RV) and Roadschool or Unschool along the way.  I love telling you’ll about the places we find to explore and visit.  We found 12 Zany Roadschool activities in Montgomery, Alabama that are free, almost free or on a very small budget (like ours). With our field trips we also do a little google school (research on the internet) and sometimes when we are really Continue reading

Take step back in time and learn history of Dubois

Step back in time with us as you learn the history of Dubois and how the cowboys ruled the land and men made a living clear-cutting forests. We stumbled onto this museum after taking a fun family hike around the back of the KOA, where we are staying for the summer. The history of Dubois (duh-boy-s) actually started outside the museum, with several small log cabins that represented some of the towns homes or business back Continue reading

Unschooling history, science and culture at Grand Rapids Public Museum

Most of the time when you think of a public museum, you think of outdated exhibits in a low-funded and dirty space.  This was far from the case when we visited The Grand Rapids Public Museum in Michigan.  It has three stories of amazing exhibits on history, science, and culture. As you enter the museum, the first thing you see is a huge skeleton of a whale that you can’t take your eyes off (which I Continue reading

Unschooling history at the Gerald R. Ford Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan

The President Gerald R. Ford Museum was educational, and informative, and allowed visitors to not only view history but to participate in it.  I meet ex-President Ford and his wife Betty Ford in an airport as a small girl.  It was neat to see the history behind the man, and my mother enjoyed telling the story to my girls as we went through the museum. The museum starts off by showing the highlights of young Continue reading

Unschooling in Texas visit to two of our favorite museums in Houston

unschooling in texas

Unschooling in Texas means visiting lots of museums and historical sites along the way.  We only had time to pick two museums this time because the first day it threatened to snow and they closed down the city and cancelled school just like our hometown, Savannah.  I guess they have no snow equipment or anyway to de-ice bridges that tend to freeze when it gets cold enough. The first museum we visited was the Houston Space Continue reading

How do we Unschool history in Louisiana?

There are many ways to Unschool history in Louisiana. We started our school day with a stop at the state museum. While in New Orleans we learned about the history of the state. The girls also looked for historical markers and took a walking tour. Louisiana State Museum The first place we found was the Louisiana state museum. Adults are only $6 a piece and kids under 12 are free.  There are two state museums, Continue reading