Class Dismissed Movie Review in San Antonio

I am so excited today because I finally got to see a private screening of the movie “Class Dismissed”.  We enjoyed the movie and everyone loved how it showed the good side of homeschooling. ‘Class Dismissed’ movie follows a family as they pull their two kids out of school and take education into their own hands.  They chronicle the family as they try different curricula, and types of homeschooling. We see their struggles, joys, and Continue reading

The Ultimate Homeschool Survey for the movie Class Dismissed

Do you homeschool? The thought of homeschooling? You could be part of something great.  The movie “Class Dismissed” is about a family that decides to take the road less traveled. It follows the family as they try several different homeschool styles with their children.  The producers of the movie are offering an Ultimate Homeschool Survey.  The survey is for families that are homeschooling or wish to homeschool.  Click here to watch the movie. Class Dismissed Continue reading

Lost Treasure Hunt Series – we need your help

Lost treasure hunt

We love history and learning about it has become fun and very interesting to the girls since we have started traveling full-time in a 5th wheel around the USA.  I used to have the girls read stories and do reports like in normal school.  Our family now visits historical places, discusses what we saw, and researches as a family the questions that might arise from what we have seen.  Not only are my kids learning Continue reading

SK8 Day Camp

CANCELLED  – TILL THIS SUMMER – IF YOUR INTERESTED HERE IS THE NEW UPDATE WHO:  all homeschoolers WHERE: SK8 City,  Frames-N-Games, and Royal Cinema in Pooler GA AGES: K -12th grade  (must be potty trained) COST:  $15 for the whole day – pay when you arrive WHAT IS INCLUDED:  Bowling/skating/movie DAY OF EVENT: THIS SUMMER – MAYBE Parents may attend with their kids, new price $15

Which is better Grinch book or Grinch movie

Which is better Grinch book or Grinch movie?? It’s a toss-up for me but I love all of them for different reasons. Today the girls and I read the Grinch book, watched the 2D movie and then the live action movie to see the differences, similarities and just to see which one we like the most. Here is what the girls thought… Belle made friendship bears necklaces for a couple of her friends and Mac Continue reading

50 extra thrill points

The girls got 50 extra thrill points by going to a cemetery to learn about history. We went to Colonial Park Cemetery in downtown Savannah. We learned about yellow fever, which was transferred by masques and killed 4,000 people from 1807 to 1820, and nearly wiped out Savannah populations. James Habersham, who started Bethesda home for orphaned boys. Button Gwinnett, who signed the Declaration of Independence. William Scarbrough, promoter the first transatlantic steamship, S.S. Savannah. Joseph Vallence Continue reading