Two Museum in New Market filled with history on the Civil War

New Market is full of history, Civil War, that shaped this country and the people within.  We visited New Market, Virginia where one would think not much happen in the past.  To our amazement, we watched a movie that told how many young brave soldiers lost their shoes and their lives.  New Market is dripping with history, of a battle between Union and Confederate soldiers in the Civil War. New Market Battlefield and Virginia Museum Continue reading

Saving our Change

 Saving our Change Some say that it’s not worth it to save our change… I say they are nuts and it’s worth every penny.  We have been saving our change for year and half. Can you believe it we saved over $674 and only took 2 days to roll.  The girls started collection of all 50 state quarters and we searched on our iPad to figure out why they put picked certain things for each state Continue reading

Monopoly – learning tool

We have played Disney monopoly for the past 3 days and did not watch tv, play on the computer, or listen to music, we just sat and played and laughed and competed heavily. I put $500 in the center for free parking, and every time you payed taxes it went in the pot, so when Belle won the first time she thought it was a million dollars. The girls took turns buying properties and making monopolies Continue reading

Are you smarter than a Fifth Grade: money math game

Are you smarter than a Fifth Grader? We thought we would start today by playing a question and answer game. The girls wanted to earn some extra money so I thought I would add in a little money math game.  The best game to use is Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader but Brain Quest Board Game. The fun part is we added some of our own rules and made it into a game show. A note from Continue reading

What would do if they won a million dollars? Unschool Question

I love starting the day by asking a question. Today’s Unschool question: What would do if they won a million dollars? Asking a question is always a great way to start the day. It gets the kids thinking and exploring all sorts of ideas, asking even more questions, and gets them thinking. Unschooling is about exploring ideas and learning all the time. Math and money After breakfast, we did a little math. McKenzey made another Continue reading

Biz kids

The girls watched a video by the biz kids that we got at the library. This one was the second video in the serious and talked about transactions. The biz kids are really humorous in the way they explain everything and the girls really enjoy it. The girls cut up all the fruit we bought at the grocery store. They did most of the cutting which was very scary for me. We got strawberries, kiwi, Continue reading