Co-op Autobiography and science

co-op 2

Today was our second day of Co-op and we started with a bang by having Gwen and Munchy doing book reports, learning and writing an autobiography, we did some Magic School Bus science and ended with swimming math. Gwen did a sensational job with her biography about Chester A. Author.  We were all very impressed because not only did she read the book, she also made cards for her book report. Munchy read her story Continue reading

Eight legged friends watch and learn

What can be more fun than finding an eight legged friends and watching them eat or devour another bug. Ok I find it gross and hate bugs of any type but my kids love them.  So of course when they find a bug they go and get it and bring them into the house and show me what they find with huge grins on their little faces waiting for approval.  It hard to not just Continue reading

Magic School Bus -Water experiments

Today we had fun with a friend who came to spend the night. We decided to do water experiments from our Magic School Bus kits. Rylee wanted to do experiments about water. Water Experiments 1- 3 …. were to see if an item would sink or float. Each girl had to pick 2 items they thought would sink and 2 items they thought would float. The 4th water experiment was to see if 4 different Continue reading

Unschooling with Magic School Bus learning about rotting tree and planets


As we get more and more involved in Unschooling we have found even more ways to learn. Today we started Unschooling with magic school bus and learned about rotting trees and the planets. The girls got on YouTube and watched some more Magic School Bus, this time Huggs watched a video on rotting trees and why they are necessary for the eco system and Munchy watched another video on the planets. Check out how we have been Continue reading

Unschool with youtube learning through videos

We Unschool with youtube and learn through videos.  Some kids are great at doing reading stories and doing workbook sheet but other hate them like my two kids. The best way to protect your kids is by using a parent approved streaming videos app.  The kids search for things they are interested in learning, and this is great way to encourage their passions. Belle thinks that is would be fun and he might see weird Continue reading

Magic School Bus science acid and base experiments

Magic School Bus is always more fun when two friends come over to help figure out the difference between an acid and a base. The first thing I did was boil water and red cabbage and strain out the cabbage pieces, to make an indicator solution to help us decide if the solution was an acid, base or neutral. The first experiment was a taste test of 5 different substances. Our hint was that the acid solutions Continue reading