Field Trip Week: Learn history, technology, engineering Antique Car Show

Antique Cars are slowly becoming a thing of the past, and most kids have never seen one up close. Unlike most kids I grew up around antique cars because my father was always working on one.  We were lucky enough to spend the week with my parents and my brother while learning and looking at antique cars. The girls learned history, technology, engineering, and car values now and then. We even got to visit my Continue reading

Ipad games

Yep and your kids can learn a little too…. I updated my page (ok got it working).  You can find  all the educational games you want for your iPad 2, and a couple of fun ones too. I did all the dirty work – just go to the page on your iPad and click on the link and you go right to the page that will allow you to buy. iPad Apps page

Can Kids learn without being lead or learning from home

Unschool teacher

Can Kids learn without being lead? That is one of the main questions I had for myself when my girls started learning at home. I have only been unschooling or homeschooling for five months. So, I am just starting my homeschooling experience.  I have noticed a difference in attitude with the my two girls.  They seem happier, which I believe is just as important as their education.  How do I know they are learning?  I interact with them Continue reading