Why are Elephants so big

So the big question yesterday was. Why are Elephants so big?  Why do they have such big ears?? Elephants are the fastest land animal and they have such big ears to keep them cool. Which led to looking up their skin texture, their size, baby animal and they live in groups that protect the babies, and many more on the questions. We also found a really big green moth So I had McKenzey look up green moth Continue reading

Is TV better than school

Yes, anything is better than sitting in a desk at school for 8 hours. I had to do payroll so the girls watched 4 movies – Then when Michael got home we did 2 piano lessons, read 3 books, did 3 more pages on kenx, and looked at our flowers – So yes we waited till 6 to do any school work, but hey you can do that when you’re homeschooling or unschooling! Check out our Continue reading

Day 5 unschool

Day 5 Unschool , started by playing Zoodels for a while this morning, then Mac read Thumbelina by Hans Christian Anderson. Belle played the Barbie game, and Mac played a really cool solar system game on our iPad. We haven’t decided if we want to buy that one. The most fun we had been doing some more building on the kenz roller coaster – it’s coming along.  Mac did her 4th piano lesson – she is Continue reading

Day four Unschooling

Today the girls mostly played with dad on our new cool game called Princess Isabella and the Witch’s Curse.  You have to listen to the fairy, then search for hidden items in each room of the castle. There are puzzles that you have to solve, and locks you have to open in order to get new clues.  Belle played Animal Jam and Zoodles, which has lots of educational games.  Then at about seven, the girls Continue reading