How to became a small business owner at age 12

Really, Isabelle, my daughter became a small business owner and sells her jewelry on Amazon Handmade.  She really started this two years ago but this year she decided to get serious.  Any child or adult can own their own business, make a product and sell it online.  Now, will it pay your bills, let you quit that job?  Honestly, that is up to you and how much you work to make your dreams come true. Continue reading

How to create a tiny ART studio for an RV

How to create a tiny Art studio for an RV? Living in an RV has a lot of challenges especially when you like to do crafts with your kids, have an art business or you just want a desk where you can work.  The first step is to find an area in your small home that is big enough for a desk or table.  I knew I needed a craft area so we chose a Continue reading

Unschooling or fun school

The best day ever, Unschooling craft day or as my daughter says Fun School!  I asked her today to describe Unschooling and she said we have Fun school mom, we love  to learn, we like to do school stuff, we have fun, we love school!! Actually what we did art all day.  Munchy decided she wanted to make bracelets to sell on Etsy, Macbelle’s Little Creation shop.  She is on another kick to get an Continue reading

Kid Jewelry by Gypsy Treasures sold on Amazon

The girls began their little business today and we decided with much deliberation that we would call it Gypsy Treasures.  Kid Jewelry is made by little people for little people.  We can make big kid jewelry if requested, so please ask… Most of the jewelry is made out of Premo Polymer clay and then cooked in the oven to make very hard.  All the bracelets are stretchy so that each kids or big kid can just slide them Continue reading

Clay clay clay

We had an art day…. The girls made lots and lots of jewelry out of clay. The plan is to start making bracelets and necklaces and sale them on etsy. We will see if that works but that’s the plan now. We also read 10 books yesterday some to me and some on our iPad. The girls are really improving, but man do we need to work on spelling. I guess that comes with age. Continue reading