Christmas around – world

Since we haven’t done anything for the last couple days, mainly because I haven’t felt like it. I decided we would look up how different kids all over the world celebrated Christmas. I thought everyone else would enjoy it so I include some of the facts we found. We did however manage to watch all three Santa movies. So here are the top 25 thing we remember about the Santa movies and what we found Continue reading


We got a whole bunch of books at the library the other day… Tugg and Teeny Which way to witch school The surfs, the snow giant King tut’s tomb Japan Treasure of Greek mythology And if you were there when they signed the constitution The girls also picked out 3 videos… Biz kids….what is money? Animal mysteries George Washington The last book is kind of hard for the girls to understand, so I have been Continue reading

Japan Day

Japan Day…. We decided that today should be all about Japan… We did origami, and made  and we got a poster board and drew japan on and colored the regions.  We talked about some key history points mostly about WWII and Pearl Harbor.  We looked up on our ipads about schools in Japan and what children learn in that country.  We wore our dresses we got form China all day and pretended they were Kimonos and put chop Continue reading