Learn Math Free on Khan Academy’s New App

Now there is a great and exciting way to learn math free on Khan Academy’s new app.  Science, computer programming, history, art, and economics are also available on this app.  We have used Khan Academy off and on for years. The best part about this app is that it’s 100% free. Learn Math Free The iPad app now has extra features like never before.  You can do math problems right in the Kahn Academy app on Continue reading

Teach kids Algebra with Hands on Equation in 3rd grade

Teach your children the joys of learning algebra with Hands-On Equations. Since algebra deals with abstract symbols many students have difficulty conceptualizing mathematics.  The visual and kinesthetic approach of Hands-On Equations enables students to literally grasp algebraic concepts concretely, pictorially and then abstractly Algebra can be a tricky subject to master but with the help of Hands on Equation 1 , equations like 4x+2=3x+9 become child’s play! The app takes advantage of the iPad’s visual and touch Continue reading

Visit – friend

The girls and I had to take a computer to a friend…Mrs. Pat who had not been feeling good. They made her very pretty get well pictures. While I set up the computer the girls chased around her cats. Mac tried and tried to catch one of her cats but they wanted nothing to do with a little girl, but they sure had fun trying. If you have kids or grandkids get them an iPad…. Continue reading

Day four Unschooling

Today the girls mostly played with dad on our new cool game called Princess Isabella and the Witch’s Curse.  You have to listen to the fairy, then search for hidden items in each room of the castle. There are puzzles that you have to solve, and locks you have to open in order to get new clues.  Belle played Animal Jam and Zoodles, which has lots of educational games.  Then at about seven, the girls Continue reading