Two Museum in New Market filled with history on the Civil War

New Market is full of history, Civil War, that shaped this country and the people within.  We visited New Market, Virginia where one would think not much happen in the past.  To our amazement, we watched a movie that told how many young brave soldiers lost their shoes and their lives.  New Market is dripping with history, of a battle between Union and Confederate soldiers in the Civil War. New Market Battlefield and Virginia Museum Continue reading

Roadside Fun: What is the name people call Cumberland Falls?

What is the name people call Cumberland Falls? Hint: Cumberland Falls has a much bigger twin in New York that we hope to see later this summer. This small fall can get 300 feet wide during its highest level and plunges over a 250 million year old rock. The falls enchants poetic beauty for Romantics. It is best known for its moonbow, which they say can only duplicated at Victoria Falls in Africa. Sadly, we missed the full moon and Continue reading

Best place to learn the stories of Alabama and its history

Our goal when we visit a new city is to learn the stories of Alabama and its history. The Best place to learn these stories and its history of Alabama is the Alabama Department of Archives and History. The stories begin in the 1700s with native Indians and tell the story of struggles over the land, the rise of a cotton economy, the Civil War, industrialization, world wars, civil rights, and the race to the Continue reading

Take step back in time and learn history of Dubois

Step back in time with us as you learn the history of Dubois and how the cowboys ruled the land and men made a living clear-cutting forests. We stumbled onto this museum after taking a fun family hike around the back of the KOA, where we are staying for the summer. The history of Dubois (duh-boy-s) actually started outside the museum, with several small log cabins that represented some of the towns homes or business back Continue reading

Horseback riding in Wyoming through the Painted Hills

Nothing gives me peace and tranquilly, than Horseback Riding in Wyoming.  We got to have our first trail ride since we started traveling fulltime. I think the thing I love the most about living this life style is all the neat and exciting things we have gotten to experience and never had time to before. Chimney Rock not only does trail rides but also does camping trips.  Can anyone guess what an outfitter is?  We just Continue reading


chief plenty coup

Chief Plenty Coups had a vision when he was a boy in what is today known as the Crazy Mountains, that the white man would destroy the buffalo and his people. The sad part is that we almost did both but with his visions and cooperation with the white man he help to ensure the Crow’s future survival in a white man’s world. He was made chief of the Apsáalooke (Crow) tribe by age 28. Continue reading