How to became a small business owner at age 12

Really, Isabelle, my daughter became a small business owner and sells her jewelry on Amazon Handmade.  She really started this two years ago but this year she decided to get serious.  Any child or adult can own their own business, make a product and sell it online.  Now, will it pay your bills, let you quit that job?  Honestly, that is up to you and how much you work to make your dreams come true. Continue reading

Edible Science: Make color changing Sugar Cookies

Color Changing Sugar Cookies are not only a fun science project but yummy to eat. It was so cool seeing the dough change colors right before our eyes.  I have to honest here, they are no the best cookies I have ever had but keep in mind we are adding cabbage juice to the mixture.  Please feel free to adjust this recipe to your taste buds.  I started with a sugar cookie recipe and edited Continue reading

How to make memory pens for all your family adventures

Memory pens are a great way to keep track of all your family’s adventures and are super easy to make.  A friend, Mrs. Ann, that lives in a travel trailer and will be going full-time very soon (so exciting) actually gave me this idea.  What I love about this idea is they take up very little space, they are inexpensive ($1 -$10 each), not heavy (a huge concern in an RV), you can make them Continue reading

Easy Crock pot Ranch Potato Recipe

Easy Crock pot Ranch Potato Recipe Easy Crock pot Creamy Ranch Potato Recipe, turned out a thousand times better than I could have imagined. The hubby and kids eat half of the dish in a blink of an eye. Everyone kept saying how wonderful the dish was and how they would love for me to make it again, which is huge in my house.  Try it and let me know what your family thinks… I found Continue reading

Neapolitan Eggplant Permaesan

Neapolitan Eggplant Parmesan   or Eggplant pizza We made eggplant pizza because McKenzey said she had never had eggplant – so found the easiest recipe online and we made it.  Here is the link… Watch the video to see how its made …. and it was so yummy….not sure if we will make it again – but it turned out pretty good

Hotdog Mummies

It’s Halloween and we made hotdog mummies for lunch the other day.  It really easy and fun for the kids Here is the quick recipe for it ….Hot Dog Mummies…and a video We also finished Marie Curie and the girls made me read the last 5 chapters of Vidia and the Fairy Crown – it got so exciting that the girls begged me to finish the story.  I am so happy theylike to read.  Off to the library Continue reading