Science at the Nature center in Bayou Signette State Park

We were so excited to be traveling and homeschooling across America.  We have made it through 4 states so far and have found history, science, math and geography in every state we visit.  We were especially excited to find the nature center at,  Bayou Signette State Park,was still open in the winter. Our guide had animal skins for the kids to touch, skeletons, pictures and posters of all native Louisiana animals. Inside the nature center Continue reading

What are the top 10 FAQ questions about homeschooling?

faq homeschooling

These are questions that my children got asked recently by a good friend of mine.  I just wanted to share some of them and try to answer the best I can.  My thought is that if one person is thinking these questions then several people are thinking of them.  My girls get asked some of these questions a lot.  I don’t mind when people ask questions about homeschooling or unschooling, what I do hate is Continue reading

Animal hospital

We now have 3 eggs in our little egg nest!! I found one the of the best article that describes or explains unschooling – it’s really hard to explain and sometime and I get long-winded and  leave the person even more confused than before I started explaining so here you go check it out…. Today we had to take Jack (coke) to 204 Animal Clinic.  I asked if they would show us the facilities and explain Continue reading

How to make the best Ice-Cream Brownie Birthday cake

My little girl is nine years old today and we made the Ice-Cream Brownie Birthday cake. Her two favorite things are ice-cream and brownies, so we came up with the easiest ice cream brownie cake. The only problem is the brownie does get very hard. The steps to make the best Ice-cream birthday cake To get started making the Ice-Cream Brownie Birthday cake Put 2 pieces of aluminum wrap on the inside of one cake Continue reading