Important Life lesson Homeschooled kids learn faster

A friend of mine asked me this question: Do you think your kids have enough life lessons to be prepared for adulthood? Especially since they don’t go to” normal school”? She went on to say: Schooled kids are taught life skills in school. Honestly, this made me laugh ( on the inside). This also got me thinking, and of course, questioning my decision to homeschool. I have even taken my kid’s education one step farther, Continue reading

Random words of wisdom about Unschooling and our 10 seconds of fame

As many of you know our little family got 10 seconds of fame this week by being interviewed for the Good Housekeeping Magazine.  I have to say I was a little excited and worried that this would be another piece on how awful unschooling can be.  To my surprise, Caroline did an amazing job and was a very positive piece. My Kids Don’t “Do” School and I’m Okay With It However, I wanted to clear Continue reading

You Unschool and your friends and family don’t approve, How do you deal with them?

You Unschool and your friends and family don’t approve, How do you deal with them? If you have chosen to take the road less traveled and homeschool your child be ready to run into those that do NOT approve. Even harder is the road of a Unschooler or Roadschooler. Trust me I know from experience. So how do you deal with these people? There are three roads you can take and sometimes it depends on Continue reading

I Could Never Homeschool, and Unschooling Scares Me

Are you considering Unschooling? I know what you are thinking: I Could Never Homeschool, and Unschooling Scares Me. When I first began, I was just as scared as you were when I started, but I jumped headfirst into the homeschooling world and learned as I went. I am still learning every day, reading, and searching the internet. On playdates, with my other homeschooling families I would ask parents questions and always ask my kids what Continue reading

I Want to Unschool, but Where Do I Start?

Want to Unschool, but Where Do I Start? So, you have done some research and think that Unschooling will work for your family.  I want to Unschool, but where do I start?  Your kids are still in school or you want to try Unschooling.  If you answered YES to most of these questions then you are in the right place. Steps to Start Unschooling My kids are in school or school is about to start. What do Continue reading

How do I socialize my child if we homeschool?

socialize your homeschooler

This, my friends, make me laugh every time I hear someone ask me these questions. How do you socialize with your child?  How is your child socialized if you homeschool? Hey, your child is not weird how did you get them socialized? I could never homeschool my child I don’t know how to socialize them. Again this falls on the parent, just like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  If you’re a hermit, a chance is your Continue reading