5 gift rule for an Unschool Christmas

5 gift rules

We don’t spend a lot of money at Christmas and started the 5 gift rule when we started traveling fulltime. Even though we now live in a Stick and brick house and only travel for fun, I still keep this rule. Holidays are not about how much you spend but the memories you make. The 5 gift rule for us is more about education and broadening our mines. The girls get 1 gift they want, Continue reading

The winner of the sand ant farm and gel ant farm experiment

 The Winner is:  Gel Ant Farm The gel ant farm vs sand ant farm experiment started a week ago but the true winner is the gel ant farm.  We almost feel sorry for the sand ant farm.  The gel ant farm has twice as much room, made a lot more tunnels and seem to be trying to eat the seal around the lid to get even more room. The gel ants are very aggressive but we have only lost one Continue reading

We have 3 baby eggs

We Have 3 babies The girls and I were discussing the baby eggs and the mama bird and Huggy made a comment that maybe she made the nest when the garage door was stuck open and we just didn’t notice it. So I decided today to open the side door that we use to get into the garage this morning. The girls and I went and got more Wooden Birdhouses for our fairies at Michael’s , Continue reading