What is in owl barf – Unschooling class on Owl Pellets

Have you ever wondered what happens when an owl eats its food?  Or what exactly is in owl barf? Ok, honestly this is the last thing on my mind but we had to think about these and many more questions during our homeschool class on owl pellets. What are Owl Pellets or Owl barf?  It is what the owl regurgitates after the soft tissue (meat) has been digested. Owls and other birds can’t chew their food because Continue reading

Marine Conservation with Nemo and his friends

Nemo and his friends helped our homeschool group learn about the difficulties facing aquatic animals in the wild and ways they can help them. The kids learned observational skills to identify a variety of fish species, as well as predators and prey. The kids teamed up to brainstorm creative solutions for protecting our oceans and marine life. The class started off by getting head phones so they could talk to teacher while they were walking through the Continue reading

Disney Kingdom Keepers Quest at Magic Kingdom

Kingdom keepers quest

Disney Kingdom Keepers Quest was the best class we have ever taken with our homeschool group.  It was a self-guided adventure through the Magic Kingdom.  It took our group 5 hours to complete the quest because our group was one of the youngest groups.  The 2 high school groups were done in about an hour – mainly because they looked ahead for the answers. In the quest, the kids had to problem solve, visualization, observation Continue reading

Homeschool class – Jacksonville Zoo

Homeschool class at Jacksonville Zoo Yesterday we went to a homeschool meeting at the Jacksonville zoo. They are offering a class for homeschooled kids to come learn about plants and animals once a month. It’s a 3 hour course that starts at 9am and goes until 12pm. The start options are Tuesday (start sept 4), Wednesday(Sept 5) or Thursday (Sept 6). Classes are the first week of each month. The kids are separated by age Continue reading