Cows taste best covered Pam

We entered a poem contest that the library was holding and you could win a $50 gift card to Target.  You had to write the poem on one page no more than 20 lines, use 5 words from a list they gave you, black or blue ink, typed and four copies.  The part Belle didn’t like is that you could have no pictures submitted with your poem, so she made a clay dragon for her Continue reading

Dr Seuss Day

Dr. Seuss birthday was today so we decided to have a Dr. Seuss day. The girls played on while I got ready to go into town. Then Belle and McKenzey read green eggs and ham while I actually made Green Eggs and Bacon – I simply just added green food coloring to egg white and scrambled the eggs. They read ABC and Hop on Pop on the way to the library. At the library we got the only two Dr. Continue reading