Savannah After dark tales of the lost soles

Have you ever wondered what happens in Savannah after dark? The best way to find out is by taking a Savannah Ghost Tour, the original ghost tour.  We loved this tour because our guide told the history and real ghost stories, He told us stories that he had heard by more that one person and not the made up tall tales. Savannah After Dark It was a dark and stormy night, actually, it was quite Continue reading

Ossabaw Island Adventure were my French Cousins became honorary Unschoolers

The girls had an amazing adventure on Ossabaw Island with their French cousins when they visited Savannah. Their Aunt and Uncle took them on this adventure so I will let Munchy and Hugs tell the story. The Ossabaw Island tour was given by oceanographers Captain Fran and his wife Catherine who have homeschooled grandchildren. They enjoy meeting Unschoolers ready to learn about the history of the island and visit an eco-sanctuary. My Ossabaw Adventure Ossabaw Continue reading

Immerce your kids in science and art by going to museums

I love to immerse my kids in science at art by going to museums all over the country, like the Museum of Science and Art in Macon, GA. Sometimes it’s hard to get kids excited about certain subjects and visiting a hands-on, interactive museum always helps. Don’t get me wrong blowing things up by using science is always fun too. We had a blast at the Museum of art and science in Macon GA. Every Continue reading

Day with Antique Cars, friends and coffee at Old Fort McAllister

We had the best day looking at antique cars with friends at Old Fort McAllister. The girls grandparents take tours all over the US with their antique car clubs.  This rally was part of a local antique car club, AACA or Antique Automobile Car Association, and were joined by several other antique clubs and enthusiast. Our day started by borrowing my 1959 Corvette, Black Beauty, and following my parents to the Richmond Hill Publix. Everyone Continue reading

15 places your kids really want to visit in Downtown Savannah, Georgia

This time we wanted to share 15 places your kids really want to visit in Downtown Savannah, Georgia. Going home to your hometown is always fun to play tourist.  We love seeing our old hangouts, friends we have missed and learning a little history about the oldest city in Georgia. Savannah was established in 1733 along the Savannah River and later became first state capital of Georgia.  Our favorite places are along the Savannah River Continue reading

Roadside fun: Name the place in Georgia where Santa Claus visits

After Santa has made his trip around the world he needs a much-needed vacation. Santa Claus has several cities to choose from around the US.  The one here in Georgia is no bigger than a large postcard, (0.28 square feet).  Honestly, if you blink driving down State Street you might miss it. Have you guessed yet? That right it’s Santa Claus, Georgia with a population of 293.  and dirt roads that line the parameter. This quaint Continue reading