Roadside Fun: Name the animal that helps guard a Columbian Mammoth herd

Name the animal that helps guard a Columbian Mammoth herd. We just visited The Waco Mammoth National Monument with some friends from Fulltime Families. The kids learned about the Columbian Mammoths and believed to be twice the size of Woolly Mammoths. Columbian Mammoths First, a little history about Columbian Mammoths that we learned during our tour of the dig site. The site consists of three different time periods. During our tour, we learned about a Continue reading

Speed Racer slow down how to earn FTF Explorer Badge

We are earning our Caretaker FTF Explorer Badge with our very fast baby turtle. He really is not that fast compared to a puppy but for baby turtle standards he is a super fast turtle.  Speedy is so fast that we have dropped him a couple of times but luckily there is no brain damage (I promise we would never hurt an animal – just kidding). To earn our FTF Explorer Caretaker Badge the child must Continue reading

Fulltime Families Scavenger Hunt at Castaway Rally

Our all-time favorite activity at the Fulltime Families Castaway Rally was the scavenger hunt.  It was educational, fun, entertaining, and, best of all, it kept the girls entertained for hours.  Instead of our family (or me) taking all the pictures, I enlisted the girls to get as many pictures as they could.  They had a blast running around with their trusty iPhones, taking silly pictures, and getting as creative as possible to earn even more Continue reading

Fulltime Families Castaway Rally in Tampa, Florida

It is always fun to get together with friends and our extended Fulltime Families.  When we started traveling a little over a year ago, we joined an amazing group called the Fulltime Families. They have over 800 members and counting.  The families all travel full-time in an RV (camper) and homeschool their kids. We meet with over 30 families at a rally, held twice a year,  in Tampa, Florida. We were so excited that we left early Continue reading