Google Eyed Recycled Planters

Summer is about playing outside, going to the pool, and planting flowers.  So we created a fun project, Google Eyed Recycled Planters, that you can start anytime this summer.  We recycled plastic containers to use as our pots, found rocks from the lake we were camping at, and bought $0.99 seeds at the local Home Depot.  So let’s help our environment and recycle, reuse and repurpose old items for new ones. Items you will need to get started Google Eyed Continue reading

Story Writing – our least favorite subject

doll hair

Normal school is about to start for most kids, so I thought I would get the girls back into the swing of things. I decided this year that I wanted them to do more story telling, writing, spelling, and work on grammar. My kids hate every one of these things and would rather eat mud pies. With all that said this is how today went… The girls started the day by doing the usual, brushing Continue reading

Duck tape Tuesday

Duck Tape Tuesday started with the girls making stuff with duck tape today. We went to Barnes and Noble last night and bought two really cool books on how to make things out of duck tape. Our favorite book was “Tape It & Make It” because the pictures and directions were super easy to follow. Hugs made a flower out of a straw and 4 different colors of duck tape. Munchy wrapped 2 spray bottles with Continue reading