My Unschooler is interested in fashion, sewing and clothes design

I thought it would be fun to start a new series, “My Unschooler is interested in…” This way we can discuss all the ways you can help your Unschool learn about something.  I will try to dig in deep, find products, website, YouTube channels, Pinterest boards, TV shows, and Netflix movies. Let me start off by saying I know nothing about fashion, how to sew and am terrible at putting outfits together. My oldest daughter Continue reading

Unschool Question: Should you homeschool all year or take the summer off

I have asked myself this very question many times. Should you homeschool all year or should you take the summer off? Honestly, you should do what ever works best for your family. Our family does school all year but we relax a little during the summer. Should you homeschool all year or take the summer off Relaxing to us mean we might not do math for a month or when we finish reading a book Continue reading

Unschoolers stuck inside can become creative this summer

We were stuck inside for three days not because of the rain but because of the snow.  Yes, it snowed last weekend for the second time this summer.  As an Unschooler you become very creative and crafty when you are stuck inside for three days. What did my little Unschoolers do for three days while it snowed… They played with legos, did a little science, and made some dresses.  Hugs got a manikin for her Continue reading

Frida Kahlo – homeschool art projects

Art Projects for homeschooling included taking an art class from scribble art studio where we are doing a segment on Meet the masters.  This week we learned about Frida Kahlo and why she did so many self portraits and how she was able to have an exclusive show at the Louvre in Paris France. The girls were so excited because they have actually been to The Louvre in Paris France, and began telling everyone about Continue reading

Justice Store Challenge

Justice Store Challenge Shopping was the name of the game today. Since we had a lot of errands to do today I thought a math challenge was in order.  I told each girl they had a pretend $40 and they had to put an outfit together that included shirt, shorts, and an accessory. The best part was that since we were at the store Justice located at The Tanger Outlets  in Hilton Head, everything up Continue reading

unschool test

First we had a fashion show and each bear, stuffed animal and doll changes outfits at least 3 times.  I think the winner was . . . no one!. They all looked beautiful…. Next we made clay animals. Belle made two butterflies and a mommy teddy bear holding a baby Mac made a tooth fairy bear I also gave the girls an unschool test, I found on the iPad for First and Second graders.  Yes, just Continue reading