How to Park a big Honking truck in downtown Chicago

Like most Fulltime families we have a big huge truck that pull our 5th wheel to all of our amazing locations.  The problem that we always have, is how to park a big truck or car in downtown Chicago.  Not only is downtown Chicago the windy city but it has a lot of one way streets with lots of people and cars going every which direction. My bucket list has all the major cities on Continue reading

Extreme family fun kayaking in Wyoming

Reading this might make you want to get in a kayak or a canoe and have extreme fun with your whole family: You have been warned!  I was very apprehensive about going kayaking but I like to try any new sport once.  We are in Wyoming for the summer and the water here is super cold, keep in mind that I am a southern girl and any water below 70 degrees is cold to me.  Continue reading

Don Scheer Memorial Packhorse Races

When I think of cowboys, I think of the Don Scheer Memorial Packhorse races that are held every year in Dubois, WY.  Not only is it great fun for the town but is a family get together for many generations, and lots activities for the kids. The men competed on Saturday and the old timers and women on Sunday.  I was told by a local that these games have going on for over 35+ years. Continue reading

World famous slopper and architecture at a church


Rubber Ducky and I love going and trying out new and exciting foods and one of our favorite shows is Food Wars.  Traveling across the USA has allowed us to try out some of the most delicious foods across America.  This time we got to try the “Slopper”, an open face hamburger that is placed in a large bowl, and spicy pork chili is smothered over the top. We are on our way – somewhere Continue reading