Do Pumpkins sink or float – Scary Halloween Pumpkin Science

pumpkin experiment

October is one of mine and the girls favorite month.  We love Halloween and thought it would be fun to do a whole bunch of experiments with pumpkins, like Pumpkins sink or float.  We started this whole adventure by going to our favorite Pumpkin Patch and the girls had a blast picking out 8 pumpkins. Buy some pumpkins and follow along with as we learn  pumpkin can sink or float grow a pumpkin plant with out Continue reading

Do elephants need toothpaste?

elephant toothpaste

Last night Huggs had a friend had a sleep over and since all the kids want to do fun school and I love blowing things up we decided to do a little science.  I googled some fun science experiments and came across a new website called  It is a website that has tons of math videos and lots of science videos.  They are on a mission to make science and math fun. Our first experiment we made Continue reading

Magic Science Experiments

Magic Science Experiments I have four apprentice magicians that wanted to combine magic and science and this is how we made our magic science experiments. We took out our magic ingredients of citric acid, a base ( baking soda), vegetable oil, zinc sulfide, polyacrylamide, golden paper, water, and a magic wand to make different potions, and we even made things disappear. Our first experiment was to make a magic wand… This took an hour to Continue reading

Magic School Bus -Water experiments

Today we had fun with a friend who came to spend the night. We decided to do water experiments from our Magic School Bus kits. Rylee wanted to do experiments about water. Water Experiments 1- 3 …. were to see if an item would sink or float. Each girl had to pick 2 items they thought would sink and 2 items they thought would float. The 4th water experiment was to see if 4 different Continue reading

birds, electricity books

This morning McKenzey read the bird book to me while Isabelle listen and then we did a couple of video to actually show we were paying attention. Mac was so so excited about what she learned about birds. I love it when its their idea and they pick what we learn about and enjoy learning about it… After we read the bird book the girls begged me to let them do some more experiments with Continue reading

Experiments – Magnets

Who doesn’t love to play with magnets, so we got this book at the library along with a lot of other – but more about that later.  I made the girls sit and listen while I ead a couple of chapters – gave up on that and went right into the experimenting… I got both girls notebooks (which we almost lost twice) so they could write down their hypothesis and conclusions. first experiment … WHAT Continue reading