Squishy Marshmallows: Reduce Air Pressure

A little secret is that the girls and I love squishy marshmallows. So, why not make an experiment using one of our favorite snacks. Your mouth does a happy dance from these light,  fluffy, layers of little air pockets that make your taste buds sing. Squishy Marshmallow: Reduce Air Pressure Recipe Type: Edible Science Cuisine: Science Author: Chrissie Ingredients glass jar big and small marshmallows straw modeling clay cotton swab food coloring Premo clay Instructions drop Continue reading

sand versus gel ant farm experiment, getting started

Follow along with us as we do a science experiment, sand versus gel ant farm.  We wanted to see if ants dig better in gel or their natural habitat, sand.   I always wanted an ant farm when I was little, so I thought a science experiment would be fun.  Santa brought us a gel one that changes color, AntWorks Colors of Life.  Uncle Milton Sand Ant Farm from Amazon and it came with an ant coupon Continue reading