Zoo Quest at Oregon Zoo

It is always fun to visit a zoo as our journey takes us across the US.  Today we visited the Oregon Zoo in Portland Oregon.  We actually were staying in Vancouver, WA right across the river mainly because it was cheaper and no one in Oregon had any sites available. This summer at the Oregon Zoo they started a new program to try to teach children and adults how technology affects the environment and animals. Continue reading

4H bird beaks – like what utensil

They learned about birds….. What is a bird Drew a perfect bird Learned anatomy of a bird All about feathers, all the different types, and what they are used for They talked about what makes a bird different, like… Predictor, color, environment, beak, tail shape The big kids played a game…. The kids moved to each table,  they tried to get the food with the tool they started with,  some of the tools worked great Continue reading