Adventure at Bass Pro Shop with Jack

Can you count a trip to your favorite store, like Bass Pro Shop, as a school day?  Heck, ya! Any day you are doing something fun and learning, you can count as a school day (or Unschool day).  OK, so now you’re asking yourself, “How is Bass Pro Shop or Toys R US or any other store educational?” Actually, I will let Jack the dog tell you. Take it away, Jack….. I love going to Continue reading

How is Disney World educational?

disney educational

How is Disney World educational?  This is the question we constantly hear from our family and friends. Let’s not mention the random people we meet who find out we are there with our homeschool group.  To most people, they see Disney as just an amusement park. They take their children to get away from school and teachers.  We, on the other hand, look at everything Disney has to offer and search out the Imagineers.  They Continue reading

Is Mind Craft educational?

mind craft

Is Mind Craft educational? That my friend is a very good question and I myself have asked that very same questions several times. The girls love playing mind craft on their IPads, they play the survival mode and the creative mode. I have no idea how it works, how you build anything or even why all the kids think it’s fun. I laugh because the game is basically blocks, like the games that I used Continue reading

Can I homeschool with computers?

Can you homeschool with computers? The answer is always yes, heck they are doing it in “public school”.  These kids have a computer lab everyday, and they do their homework on the computer. Unschoolers primarily use the iPad/computer as their main source of education, ok I do, I can’t speak for other unschoolers.  We love the Apple iPad 2 because there are so many educational apps, and they are so much fun they don’t even know Continue reading

Ipad games

Yep and your kids can learn a little too…. I updated my page (ok got it working).  You can find  all the educational games you want for your iPad 2, and a couple of fun ones too. I did all the dirty work – just go to the page on your iPad and click on the link and you go right to the page that will allow you to buy. iPad Apps page

Awesome library books to learn about alligators and French

Library books are Awesome! We have found so many resources at the awesome library books, We got a french DVD to learn french (Uncle Tom and my brother will be so proud). A French cat in the hat dictionary and we check out 10 books more books to read this week. The girls love the french CD so much they have been asking me to play it every morning. McKenzey also started asking me about alligators. Continue reading