Library books January 2013

These are the books and DVD the girls are reading for the month of January.  We used these books and DVD for some of our homeschool studies, or unschool studies. Books Kingfisher book of soccer skills Apes and monkeys Seabirds Nancy Drew Girl Detective How do laws get passed Angry birds playground animals The Berenstain bears blaze a trail How do tadpoles become frogs? Nutmeg and Barley: a budding friendship What happens to our trash? Continue reading

Biz kids

The girls watched a video by the biz kids that we got at the library. This one was the second video in the serious and talked about transactions. The biz kids are really humorous in the way they explain everything and the girls really enjoy it. The girls cut up all the fruit we bought at the grocery store. They did most of the cutting which was very scary for me. We got strawberries, kiwi, Continue reading

Awesome library books to learn about alligators and French

Library books are Awesome! We have found so many resources at the awesome library books, We got a french DVD to learn french (Uncle Tom and my brother will be so proud). A French cat in the hat dictionary and we check out 10 books more books to read this week. The girls love the french CD so much they have been asking me to play it every morning. McKenzey also started asking me about alligators. Continue reading