How do Unschoolers or homeschoolers learn about Greece


How do Unschoolers or homeschoolers learn about Greece?  We take a trip to Greece by going to the Greek Festival  in the middle of the week and come back before anyone notices and then counts it as school days.  No really, we go to the 63rd annual Greek Festival during the day when we thought everyone else would be at work or in school, but to our great surprise everyone had the same idea as Continue reading

Dancing with the stars

Dancing with the stars…. well my little stars!!! The girls had a friend over and they put on a couple shows. The first was a dancing routine they made up in the pool, then a crime scene where mac played the good and bad guy and the last was were both girls have a swimming accident and Mac saves the day and saves both girls… lets just say they had a blast in the pool. Continue reading

Dancing Water – changes colors

We did 2 science experiments — dancing water, and water that changes colors. First was dancing water…. We added baking soda and citric acid then we added water – When the chemicals are mixed together they let off carbon dioxide which looks like dancing water… Color changing liquid…. We added red cabbage (which is a neutral) and water in 2 cups.We added citric acid to one and it turned red, and baking soda to the Continue reading