SC State Museum

This is the night that history came alive.  We were first chased by the Mayans, and they took our bags. We ran up the stairs to the second floor and the animals were playing soccer and McKenzey was almost trampled by the mammoth.  We barely escaped when we ducked into the elevator where some other homeschooler were hiding and came out on the fourth floor and the indians and civil war troops were fighting and Continue reading

Art Thursday – Radical Unschooling Day 4

Radical Unschooling has taught me a lot so far…but mostly that if I just sit back and let the kids do what they do best, be kids, they learn on their own, enjoy life and learn more than I could have ever taught them. What a fun art and craft day. We started off the day around 11am at our weekly art class at Scribble art studio. Today a couple new friends came to class Continue reading

Fall festival Savannah Unlimited homeschool

The Savannah Unlimited homeschool  group of Savannah (SUHN) had a Fall Festival at Lake Meyer today and everyone brought food and games.  There was bowling ( our contribution, huge hit), apple bobbing, pumpkin crafts, apple spin, pin the nose on the pumpkin, pumpkin seed straw pickup, and witch hat toss.  The kids all took turns playing all the games and playing on the playground.  We had about 25 kids ages 0-14, some dressed up in costumes and some just Continue reading

Guitar art

We made our favorite teacher beautiful pictures to tell him how much we like guitar lessons. He is going to be so excited! The girls and I figured out how to use our cricut machine. We made halloween card for the girls two best friends. I can’t believe how great they turned out and how easy it was. I think in the next couple months they can learn how work the machine without me and start Continue reading