Take step back in time and learn history of Dubois

Step back in time with us as you learn the history of Dubois and how the cowboys ruled the land and men made a living clear-cutting forests. We stumbled onto this museum after taking a fun family hike around the back of the KOA, where we are staying for the summer. The history of Dubois (duh-boy-s) actually started outside the museum, with several small log cabins that represented some of the towns homes or business back Continue reading

Wild Wild West and the terrors of Tombstone

History comes alive when visiting historical towns and our favorite so far has been Tombstone. We learned about the old west, how cowboys and outlaws lived, and the history of the town.  We also learned about the Earp brothers, the Clayton Gang, the story behind the OK Corral, and even witnessed a bank robbery, took a tour of Good Enough Mines, and visited Boot Hill. The kids had fun trying on cowboy hats and eating Continue reading

Cowgirl Riding a Bull

Cowgirls riding a Bull. This is one of our favorite stores in the whole world.  We are now saving 10% of the money we earn every week to buy REAL cowgirl boots. Our favorite pastime has been growing all different flowers on the iPad 2 and sending them to everyone.  If you haven’t gotten yours, sorry, (we are making our way down the list). I am sure you will be getting one or 15 beautiful Continue reading