The tall ships came to Savannah

The tall ships came to Savannah, they arrived yesterday and will be here through Sunday. The ships were docked on bay street. We started at kids cove and took some pictures with pirates, looked at real muskets, swords, and pirate treasure. It was so hot down on the river next to the tall ships, we only went on a couple of boats, but the kids really enjoyed it. The tall ships were bigger than I Continue reading

Tom Sawyer – Ancient Rome

We watched a movie of one of my favorite books, Tom Sawyer. The movie was a little different from the book but the girls really enjoyed it. Here is the girls review of the movie… Enjoy We also read a couple of pages on a book we got at the library called Ancient Rome. The book was not very kid friendly so we may not read the whole book. So here is what they remember Continue reading

New Year Eve – Epcot – Disney World

Can you learn anything at Epcot on New Year’s Eve? Yes, you can learn a lot in Epcot. We watched people; we saw some very cool educational movies about the countries; we went on rides that talked about the country. There is an area about each part of the earth, the land, water, space.  Heck, you are bound to learn something and it’s a lot more fun that sitting in a class room! Here are Mac Continue reading