Can I homeschool with computers?

Can you homeschool with computers? The answer is always yes, heck they are doing it in “public school”.  These kids have a computer lab everyday, and they do their homework on the computer. Unschoolers primarily use the iPad/computer as their main source of education, ok I do, I can’t speak for other unschoolers.  We love the Apple iPad 2 because there are so many educational apps, and they are so much fun they don’t even know Continue reading

Visit – friend

The girls and I had to take a computer to a friend…Mrs. Pat who had not been feeling good. They made her very pretty get well pictures. While I set up the computer the girls chased around her cats. Mac tried and tried to catch one of her cats but they wanted nothing to do with a little girl, but they sure had fun trying. If you have kids or grandkids get them an iPad…. Continue reading

Do you have problems in school? Should I home school?


I started homeschooling or unschooling when we moved to Florida, and I had the great opportunity to work from home.  I decided to unschool for several reasons.  The first was because my oldest daughter was having problems in school.  Kids made fun of her because she read slow. We found out she had a problem with her eyes couldn’t focus, but learned she has a photographic memory. It really upset me because I had so many problems in school Continue reading