Can you tie dye a sofa bed? You be the judge…

tie dye bed sheets

Since today was a beautiful sunny day and the girls wanted to play outside, I thought it would be fun to make tie dye t-shirts.  We really have been wanting to tie dye the sheet that I got for the couch bed, which is actually our old bed that I put on the floor and we use as a couch.  I have never tie dyed before (ok once when I was Munchy’s age) so I Continue reading

Magic School Bus -Water experiments

Today we had fun with a friend who came to spend the night. We decided to do water experiments from our Magic School Bus kits. Rylee wanted to do experiments about water. Water Experiments 1- 3 …. were to see if an item would sink or float. Each girl had to pick 2 items they thought would sink and 2 items they thought would float. The 4th water experiment was to see if 4 different Continue reading

Dancing Water – changes colors

We did 2 science experiments — dancing water, and water that changes colors. First was dancing water…. We added baking soda and citric acid then we added water – When the chemicals are mixed together they let off carbon dioxide which looks like dancing water… Color changing liquid…. We added red cabbage (which is a neutral) and water in 2 cups.We added citric acid to one and it turned red, and baking soda to the Continue reading