How Important are Diplomas after High School?

Let me start off by saying this discussion: “How important are diplomas after high school?”‘ comes up in my house at least once a month because we are currently Unschooling our kids.  I have a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design, and my husband has a high school diploma.  He tried college, but it just wasn’t for him, and he dropped out after one semester.  I constantly worry that my kids are not Continue reading

What is natural learning or life lead learning?

What is Natural Learning or Life Lead Learning?  It’s learning through their natural life experiences including play, game play, iPad apps, Computer games, library books and DVDs, world experiences, etc.  I am here to encourage people to look past main stream education, open their minds and hearts.  What is natural learning, or unschooling, that’s really hard to describe so I have included some links: 10 steps start Unschooling Unschooling in the Summer Fun School What Continue reading

Day 12 unschooling animal jam

Animal Jam is the coolest game ever – Both girls played Animal Jam most of the morning.  Then we went to the movies and learned about pandas and alligators. Finally we watched leopards and tigers teach their babies to hunt animals – cool!!! After lunch we took Jack Coke for a walk – and made it all the way to the bridge. On the way we picked up different leaves and cool stuff that we Continue reading