How do you deal with co-op class your kids hate

dave ramsey

You found a co-op class that you think your kids will love. Bonus, it will prepare them for the future. The problem, you already paid for it, and it wasn’t cheap.  Now your kids hate it and won’t stop whining. So, how do you deal with a co-op class your kids’ hate? That my friends may be the ultimate question. I signed my kids up for the homeschool Dave Ramsey class with a church-affiliated group. Continue reading

Co-op classes are for Unschooler’s also

This year the girls wanted to take co-op classes, research started in August. This year the girls wanted to be around kids their age. I started surfing Facebook to find some homeschool/co-op classes. We found ballroom dancing, a finance class, Wow ( learn from professionals), horseback riding, painting, silver clay class, The Unusual Dress Project, study driving test, and some field trips with varies homeschool groups. I give them options and always tell them that Continue reading

Can you tie dye a sofa bed? You be the judge…

tie dye bed sheets

Since today was a beautiful sunny day and the girls wanted to play outside, I thought it would be fun to make tie dye t-shirts.  We really have been wanting to tie dye the sheet that I got for the couch bed, which is actually our old bed that I put on the floor and we use as a couch.  I have never tie dyed before (ok once when I was Munchy’s age) so I Continue reading

The art of war: Math War

Math War

War is allowed when you are practicing math and your only weapon is your brain.  We bought two really cool game called Math War: Multiplication War and Division War (Flash Kids Flash Cards).  I gave the girls each a stack of cards and we went around the table and each girl flipped over her card and had to answer her problem then the person with the lowest or highest answer got all four cards.  The girls Continue reading

Mosquito in Chatham County

mosquito control

We took our fist trip with our co-op group to the mosquito control in Chatham county. The girls got to learn about all the different types of mosquitos, and how to tell the difference between the boys and girls.  They learned only the female mosquito bite or suck your blood to get nutrients for their babies, while the boy mosquito eat only nectar.  Females live for two or three months and the males live only two Continue reading

Co-op Autobiography and science

co-op 2

Today was our second day of Co-op and we started with a bang by having Gwen and Munchy doing book reports, learning and writing an autobiography, we did some Magic School Bus science and ended with swimming math. Gwen did a sensational job with her biography about Chester A. Author.  We were all very impressed because not only did she read the book, she also made cards for her book report. Munchy read her story Continue reading