planet stars moon – solar system – 4h

Friday night was the most fun we have ever had at 4H, were we learned about the planets, stars, moon, and the solar system .  Our class started at 6:30 at night so that we could learn about the planets, moon, constellations.  The kids were divided into our normal groups and the moms went with the big kids and the dads were sent with the younger ones.  They had 3 stations that each group rotated Continue reading

Homeschool class on space and Steam class using legos

Homeschool class was on space and a Steam class using Legos. We started today at the Salvation Amy  where Mr. Walter from the library did a presentation on the solar system.  I asked the girls what they learned and they came up with 10 things: There would have been 20 planets but Pluto had a couple of dwarf buddies and we can’t count those as planets There is no such thing as the dark side of Continue reading