Wooden shoes for American Girls dolls

I love taking tours and learning how things are made, and I love them even more when they are free, like the one today was.  We visited the DeKlomp Wooden Shoes and Delft Factory in Holland, Michigan. The tour started with the making of Dutch Pottery that takes a week to make and is hand painted right in the store. The lady in the first window explained how they pour the liquid clay into the Continue reading

Unschooling Rules for Art on the Road

Unschooling Rules for Art

Unschooling Rules for Art on the Road really has no rules at all because the goal of unschooling is to do what interests the child.  When you talk about Unschooling Rules for Art on the Road there really is only one rule.  If your child is interested in art like my youngest daughter then get lots of art supplies that will fuel their interest. One way to make it easier on you as a parent Continue reading

Writing Jungle poem assignment

This morning while the girls watched Harry Potter, they did there writing jungle assignment.  Today we copied a poem, tomorrow they use the same poem but fill in the blanks and try to spell the words right, and then on Wednesday they have to find all the mistakes I made when I typed the poem. We finished 2 more chapters about Sacagawea – so we did a video to show what we learned… We also went to Continue reading

Kid Jewelry by Gypsy Treasures sold on Amazon

The girls began their little business today and we decided with much deliberation that we would call it Gypsy Treasures.  Kid Jewelry is made by little people for little people.  We can make big kid jewelry if requested, so please ask… Most of the jewelry is made out of Premo Polymer clay and then cooked in the oven to make very hard.  All the bracelets are stretchy so that each kids or big kid can just slide them Continue reading

Clay clay clay

We had an art day…. The girls made lots and lots of jewelry out of clay. The plan is to start making bracelets and necklaces and sale them on etsy. We will see if that works but that’s the plan now. We also read 10 books yesterday some to me and some on our iPad. The girls are really improving, but man do we need to work on spelling. I guess that comes with age. Continue reading