Roadside fun: Name the place in Georgia where Santa Claus visits

After Santa has made his trip around the world he needs a much-needed vacation. Santa Claus has several cities to choose from around the US.  The one here in Georgia is no bigger than a large postcard, (0.28 square feet).  Honestly, if you blink driving down State Street you might miss it. Have you guessed yet? That right it’s Santa Claus, Georgia with a population of 293.  and dirt roads that line the parameter. This quaint Continue reading

ILLUMINARY – vision of beauty during the holidays


ILLUMINARY – a vision of beauty during the Holidays Christmas was extra fun this year because we helped out with the illuminary.  We started off our volunteering at the beach where over 35 people young and old helped to put sand in bags and place a small candle in them.  We had tons of kids so the process went really fast and we were done in 45 minutes.  We then put the bags in place Continue reading

Which is better Grinch book or Grinch movie

Which is better Grinch book or Grinch movie?? It’s a toss-up for me but I love all of them for different reasons. Today the girls and I read the Grinch book, watched the 2D movie and then the live action movie to see the differences, similarities and just to see which one we like the most. Here is what the girls thought… Belle made friendship bears necklaces for a couple of her friends and Mac Continue reading

Letters – Santa

Is handwriting going to be lost communication, so that our grandchildren won’t even need to learn how to do it. I recently had a group of women at the playground inform me that they are not teaching cursive in school anymore, which got my little mind wondering is handwriting necessary. My girls do most of their communication typing on the computer or on their little iPads, they don’t pick up a pen or pencil unless Continue reading

Christmas around – world

Since we haven’t done anything for the last couple days, mainly because I haven’t felt like it. I decided we would look up how different kids all over the world celebrated Christmas. I thought everyone else would enjoy it so I include some of the facts we found. We did however manage to watch all three Santa movies. So here are the top 25 thing we remember about the Santa movies and what we found Continue reading

Christmas begins

Yep the girls are in the spirit. We made lots of Christmas decorations, well I made lots of Christmas decorations and the girls helped. We got 3 foam Christmas houses and put them together and I forgot how hard it was. There are no directions at all just two pictures and you have to figure it out. The best part of the day is when we took Jack for a walk, I mean run….Ok so Continue reading