Hershey Pennsylvania learning about all things chocolate 

Honestly, if you are staying an hour from Hershey Pennsylvania you have to visit the World of Hershey.  I mean really, who doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolate is one of my favorite foods, desserts, snacks, and well the best thing on earth. Sadly, Hershey Pennsylvania doesn’t smell like chocolate anymore, but 10 years ago as you entered the city you could smell that sweet odor penetrating the town. They recently, 2010, opened a new state of Continue reading

Valentine Chocolate Pretzels with Sprinkles and marshmallows

Valentine Chocolate Pretzels

The girls miss being in town with all their friends and getting Valentine’s from everyone so we thought we would make Valentine for all the people at our campsite.  I had brought chocolate chips with us as we headed out on our adventure across the USA.  The girls came up with this idea when we went to our weekly grocery store visit, so I bought all the fixing to get them started.  The best part Continue reading

Happy valentines day

Chocolate strawberries and bananas….. This is the world’s easiest recipe, All you need are….. Strawberries Bananas Chocolate white, dark or milk Wax paper Plate, cookie sheet or platter Optional (sprinkles, shopped nuts, choc flakes, etc) Wash all your fruit before you start melting chocolate and cut away any bad spots Take your chocolate. Squares or a bag of chocolate Cook them in the microwave for 30 sec Stir Cook another 30 sec – and you Continue reading