Roadside Fun: Name the richest state Park in the Country?

Can you name the Richest state park in the country? I will give you a hint: You will find the hardest substance on the planet and then think about what states you can find them. This place also happens to be a State Park but unlike most parks everything you find you can take home. Ok well only 5 LB buckets of washed rocks per person, and honestly that looked like a lot of work. Continue reading

Adventure at Bass Pro Shop with Jack

Can you count a trip to your favorite store, like Bass Pro Shop, as a school day?  Heck, ya! Any day you are doing something fun and learning, you can count as a school day (or Unschool day).  OK, so now you’re asking yourself, “How is Bass Pro Shop or Toys R US or any other store educational?” Actually, I will let Jack the dog tell you. Take it away, Jack….. I love going to Continue reading

Can you make friends traveling full time?

how do make friends

Can you make friends traveling full-time? Will I ever see my friends again? How do I stay in touch with my friends? These questions have come up a lot since we hit the road 8 months ago. The answer, believe it or not, is pretty easy. How to become instant friends You make friends the same way you do in a stick house.  You go up to someone introduce yourself and start conservation and either you Continue reading

History in the oldest city, St. Augustine

st. augustine hippo popsickle

We decided to spend one day in Ponte Vedra to learn a little history in the oldest city, St. Augustine. We took the tour of the city in the Old Town Trolley, and were able to get off at lots of stops along they way to check out the oldest, continuously occupied European settlement in the continental United States.  We did a lot of shopping along St. George Street which is closed to vehicles.  The high Continue reading

Unschool Adventure: How Ursula escaped from a volcano

Our Unschool adventure was all about volcanoes. We started off by imagining that Ursula escaped from a Volcano called Ursula jail or Erta Ale, located near the red sea. That’s the first thing Munchy said when I read the name of the volcano. Our science packet came from magic school bus on volcanoes. So Rubber Ducky thought the girls should do a little report before we jumped into the science stuff. The girls watched magic school bus on volcanoes, Continue reading

Camping- Camp Lowe

Isabelle and I went camping with her girl scout troop, and we had so much fun. All the girls got up at the crack of dawn and meet at Camp Lowe for the day to do lots of fun activities. The girls made paper dolls, Jacobs ladders, painted flower gardens, and learned some fun dance moves. We celebrated girl scouts 100th birthday with a fun party that included crowns, hats, pearls, bubbles, and lots and Continue reading